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MOCASSIN is a three-dimensional photoionisation and dust radiative transfer code which uses the Monte Carlo method for the transfer of radiation. MOCASSIN is designed to work on Cartesian and Voronoi grids and it is therefore ideal for postprocessing hydrodynamic simulations both from grid-based and from Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics simulations (SPH). The image above shows the temperature of the gas in a slice of an SPH simulation of a star forming cloud (Dale, Ercolano & Bonell, 2013), which is being ionised by the young cluster in the centre. It was calculated with MOCASSIN using Voronoi grids (Hubber, Ercolano & Dale, 2016). The code is fully parallel and written in MPI and Fortran 90. MOCASSIN is free for anyone to use, modify and further develop! More information here

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