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Solar and Extrasolar Planets - from dust to new worlds (SS22)


Bachelor Seminar held by Prof. Barbara Ercolano

Seminars will take place in block towards the end of semester. Date to be decided.

In this seminar we will explore topics about the formation and evolution of planetary systems, starting from our own solar systems and extending to extrasolar planets. Students taking part to this seminar should have already attended at least one of the Astronomy lectures for Bachelor students. The talks can be in German or English, according to the wish of the student. 

Lectures by Barbara Ercolano 

Summer Semester 2022

Tutorials by Karan Molaverdikhani, Barbara Ercolano 

Lectures: Monday: 10:15–11:45, Scheinerstr. 1 Hoersaal

The lectures will be broadcasted on Zoom

The Zoom link will be provided per e-Mail to the registered students.

Registration per LSF is a requirement.

Tutorials: Mondays: 12pm-2pm, Scheinerstr. Roof Seminarraum USM

In this course we learn about the foundations of planet formation theories in the context of new observational discoveries, with particular attention to the birthplaces of planets, the so-called protoplanetary discs. 

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